We all have an idea in us.

Ready to build yours?

An inspirational toolkit of processes and insights from two world experts in innovation, delivered as a simple step-by-step guide.

Richard Reed, co-founder Innocent Drinks, co-founder Jam Jar Investments, co-founder Art Everywhere

Every great business starts with an idea…this book will help you find yours.

Richard Reed, co-founder Innocent Drinks, co-founder Jam Jar Investments, co-founder Art Everywhere

And a friendly online community offering resources, trade secrets and encouragement.

Michael Acton-Smith, creator of Moshi Monsters

A wonderfully inspirational book that will help unleash your ideas on the world.

Michael Acton-Smith, creator of Moshi Monsters

A book that supports you as you make your idea happen.

Packed with tools that innovation professionals use
Get them to work on your idea

The authors share the techniques they have used for helping many of the world’s most successful companies have new ideas. Learn how they generate, develop and communicate ideas which fly off the shelves.

Supports you step-by-step as you make your idea happen
You can do every single one of them

The book supports you step by step – from finding an idea that’s right for you through to creating its fan base and developing into into a business. It explains the tools and behaviours you need at every stage.

Like having your own idea coach
We'll help you believe you can do this - and you will.

You don’t need to be an expert or a natural entrepreneur to find an idea and make it happen – you have to be yourself. The book works as your coach as you go through the steps of developing your idea. It’s positively encouraging and grounded in the behaviours you need to use to make an idea happen as much as tools and the process.

Learn how to find a project you really want to do
The right idea will give you energy

The book share techniques for finding an idea you will enjoy and stay the distance with, and building your confidence that you can do it.

Free membership to the Creator Community
Creators and experts sharing what they've learned

Get inspiration and advice from other creators – free video interviews , regular webinars, and a collection of the most useful contacts, tools and platforms. Ask questions and share ideas with other creators on the forum.

Learn how other creators did it
They started from scratch too

The book features a wide range of stories and advice from successful creators who have gone on this journey before you. Learn from their mistakes, and find out what they wish they’d known when they started.

Zach Klein, co-founder of Vimeo

A drum beat that stirred my creative confidence.

Zach Klein, co-founder of Vimeo

Find out how other creators did it

They all started their projects from scratch too. You can read their stories in the book and get their advice on the Creator Community. 

  • Jane ní Dhulchaointigh

Jane ní Dhulchaointigh
Creator of Sugru

Learn how she turned a ball of goo into a brand new material, which has sold more than 5m packs.

  • Thom and James Elliot

Thom and James Elliot
Creators of Pizza Pilgrims

Their adventure to the heel of Italy in a 3 wheeled van was the beginning of a restaurant success story.

  • Charlie Dark

Charlie Dark
Creator of Run Dem Crew

Charlie built a collective which runs and explores the city under the cover of darkness. A running club for people who don’t want to run.

  • Shaz Saleem

Shaz Saleem
Creator of iEat

Shaz built a food business for British Muslims who – like her – crave shepherd’s pie, lasagne and katsu curry.

  • Paul Sinton-Hewitt

Paul Sinton-Hewitt
Creator parkrun

A run in the park for 11 friends in 2004 has since turned into the biggest grassroots sporting event in the world every weekend.

  • Bethan and Joe John

Bethan and Joe John
Creators of Decorator's Notebook

Bethan and Joe have built a business selling beautiful ethical interiors from humble beginnings as a blog.

  • James Kennedy

James Kennedy
Creator of Kennedy City Bicycles

James is creating a bespoke bicycle manufacturer – to create bikes that city dwellers need and enjoy.

  • Ed Smith and Richard Wilkinson

Ed Smith and Richard Wilkinson
Creators of Doisy and Dam

Ed and Richard are creating one of the country’s fastest chocolate companies – mixing chocolate with superfoods.

  • Harriot Pleydell-Bouverie

Harriot Pleydell-Bouverie
Creator of Mallow & Marsh

Harriot is building a gourmet marshallow brand – available at your local Sainsbury’s

David Hieatt, founder of Howies, Hiut Denim and The Do Lectures

We don’t lack talent. We don’t lack ideas. Indeed, we all have an idea within us. What we lack is the confidence to make our ideas happen. That is why Martin and Alex’s book is so important. It walks you through how to make your ideas happen. Step by step. And yes, you can do it. Oh yes.

David Hieatt, founder of Howies, Hiut Denim and The Do Lectures

The Idea in You is out now in paperback and on Kindle.