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  • Martin Amor

Martin Amor

I led innovation projects and creative culture projects for Unilever, Kraft, Telefonica, Mars and Samsung in my role as Inventing Director at ?What If! Innovation. After developing new pensions, packaged coffee, beer and many other products for other people, I am now making my own ideas happen. The idea in me – which I run with my wife Jaime – is Cosmic Kids. I also coach businesses to be brilliant at innovation and people to be happy being themselves. And I’ve co-written The Idea In You!

  • Alex Pellew

Alex Pellew

I was a marketing head at Nike – in football and running. Now I lead projects for ?What If! Innovation, and coach and launch digital start-ups. I have developed new products for big businesses in a wide range of categories – a new hotel concept, new whisky and new ways for customers to enjoying their flight across the Atlantic. I also run Giftbak, a loyalty scheme for independent merchants. This is my first book.